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Woman on wheels ? Love, Domestic violence & Triumph… 

podcast May 17, 2024

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Woman on wheels come joins the podcast and talks about their experience using a wheelchair.

Dominique Garrett is a young Woman on Wheels figuring out her new life with a spinal cord injury. In New York City. She is a survivor of domestic violence, makeup artist and owner of Sugarluxe Essentials. Natalia Mendez is Founder and Executive Director of Women on Wheels, a non-profit organization that educates and empowers women with spinal cord injuries and paralysis. She is currently Vice President of the United Spinal Association’s New York City Chapter. While working on her MA in Disabilities Studies, she enjoys serving as a peer mentor for the newly injured, and has a deep passion for promoting awareness and inclusivity for people of all abilities, especially women. Tune in !!

A vibrant trio breaking barriers in every episode, to show the world that people living with disabilities are still people, just people who must do things differently, will make you laugh, cry but most of all make you think….hoping to change or enhance your perceptions on what handicap(able) are really capable of. From the Throne Podcast is more than just a podcast it’s a lifestyle. We are all Kings and Queens, some of us just need help adjusting our crowns and we’re here to help 🔑


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