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Will Taylor Swift Endorse President Biden, Supreme Splanin, Drone Attack Claims The Lives Of 3 Black Soldiers, and More from The Amanda Seales Show

podcast January 31, 2024

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In this episode, Amanda discusses National Backwards Day and delves into pressing issues, such as the unfortunate drone attack that claimed the lives of three Black U.S. soldiers in Jordan. The show introduces a new segment, “Supreme Splanin’,” featuring DJ Supreme. Amanda also provides advice in “Am I Trippin'” and explores a BloP Quiz to test your knowledge of Black pop culture.

Listen, Laugh, and Learn on The Amanda Seales Show!


Certainly! Here are the reformatted timestamps for the provided copy:

(3:01) – blackurate news

It’s the Amanda Seales show, i’m Amanda Seales.. And it’s time for blackurate news…

We extend our deepest condolences to the loved ones of the three black american soldiers killed in a drone attack in jordan last weekend. They were killed in their housing units at an american military outpost in a country that is strategically located in a region beset by military conflict, including iran, which is believed to be the source of the fatal drone attack. The dominance of black americans in military service makes them most likely to be put in harm’s way on behalf of the nation. Soldiers are often offered large signing bonuses (especially for potentially hazardous military jobs), but don’t know what they’re signing up for. They’re deployed and either become casualties, or return and suffer from ptsd and suicidal thoughts. Recruiters go to the hood to manipulate and exploit the impoverished or less fortunate.


(7:45) – pop culture

It’s the amanda seales show… i’m amanda seales with a lighthearted story!

Story 2: “easy,” singer lionel richie recently gave a hard no on being called grandpa. The singer’s youngest daughter sofia is expecting her first child with husband elliot grainge, and lionel revealed the name his daughter’s baby girl will call him. “i’m pop-pop. We don’t get the ‘grandpa,’ yeah, that’s a little deep. Pop-pop is where we’re going.”


(11:13) – 60 second headlines

Now it’s time for 60 second headlines.

Story 1: president biden is reportedly eager to secure an endorsement from taylor swift for his 2024 re-election campaign… his camp seemingly believes her massive impact will positively influence votes.

Story 2: ludacris has teamed up with bet to create a 30 minute dramedy series that is based on his life, highlighting the competitive music scene in atlanta as radio.

Story 3: the three white men convicted of a federal hate crime for killing ahmaud arbery in 2020 will have their appeals heard by a federal court in march.

Story 4: megan thee stallion has officially announced that will be dropping her 3rd studio album this summer, along with her hot girl summer tour 2024.


(14:37) – we’ll go to the phone lines.

Call us at 1 855 amanda 8 … that’s 1 855 262-6328 …


(16:30) we up, we up, we up!

Today is wednesday, january 31, 2024

Happy birthday if today is your birthday!

Also, happy birthday to:

Kerry washington

Justin timberlake

To the late jackie robinson

Coming up this hour in blackurate news:

Our special guest, arian simone will join us. She’s the co-founder of the fearless foundation, and she’s in litigation. She’ll join us to tell us about her case, and how you can help.

Supreme’s new feature – supreme splanin’

Plus, today’s big up/let down… which involves target, wokeness, and a big mouth.


(19:01) arian simone – co-founder of the fearless foundation

By women of color, for women of color


(23:53) – arian simone interview part 2


(28:32) – big up, let down

It’s the amanda seales show… i’m amanda seales… and it’s time for the big up/let down!

Big up -to target!!! For endorsing black joy (before black history month) they dropped a popular clothing collection with the slogan, “black joy is revolutionary.” It looks fly. Word on the street is it feels fly too. Carlton mackey the creator of black men smile®, said, “we believe that black joy is revolutionary because of all that it must resist and the ways it must persist in order to simply exist.”

Let down – to the white lady who went to that same target and was so disturbed by black joy that she tweeted about it. · in response to a black little girl smiling on a poster in her black joy outfit, @ deb_ fillman’s tweet said: o target is


 insufferable. Had to do a return and can’t wait to leave. Ma’am. How the f is a black girl’s smile insufferable?! That you are free to display your racism on a platform run by a racist (musk) is insufferable what would you rather see? A poster of a black family frowning and struggling? Who knew black joy got karens’ drawls in a bunch?

You know what – i’m feeling spicy today. How about we have a double let down. The second one goes to……… niccas (lil scrappy on a podcast) who run their mouths ( trying to out me) better yet… i’mma address this on my patreon.


(32:20) – supreme splainin

It’s the amanda seales show… i’m amanda seales… now it’s time to for a new segment… supreme splainin… ok supreme whatcha splainin today?


(35:28) – we up, we up, we up!!

It’s inspire your heart with art day!

Coming up:

I’ll give some good advice… i’ll share a dm with you, and i’ll let you know if the sista if i think she’s tripping or not. We’ve also got a blop quiz… issa black pop quiz what it is. And we’ll go to the phone lines.


(37:28) – am i trippin – part 1

It’s the amanda seales show… i’m amanda seales and now it’s time for am i trippin.

This is the time when i get to give you advice… and i’ll also keep it real with you.

So let’s get into it:

This dm is from nicole … she says… hey amanda i really need your advice on this… and i hope you can help me…. I’m in a situation with one of my besties and… i’ve known her for years… we went to high school and college together… we’ve been there for each other through the good and the bad… she’s like a sister to me… but…. She has a boyfriend and i hate the way he treats her. He talks to her crazy… he’s really mentally abusive… and she doesnt see it… she also recently gained a little wieight and he often times has pretty much body shamed her… i wouldnt be surprised if hits her… when i talked to her about it she makes excuses for him and says things like he’s just playing. I don’t like the person she is becoming while dating him… it’s like she’s no longer the friend i grew up with… i told her that i was going to talk to her family namely her brother or father about her man, and how he treats her… i really think she needs help.

But she says if i tell anyone our friendship is over.. Because she loves him, and she’s probably going to stay with him. She says even though we’re friends i need to mind my business…

But i think i’m going to tell any way… and i hope i wont lose her friendship. So amanda please tell me… is this any of my business or not… am i trippin?


(40:08) – am i trippin part 2

Earlier this hour i shared nicoles dm… her bestie is in what she thinks is an abusive relationship. Her boyfriend talks crazy to her, body shames her, and nicole even thinks he’s probably been physically abusive her. She says her bestie is even turning into a different person while being with this man.

She told her bestie that if she didnt leave this guy that she was going to tell her family what’s goin on…. Her friend says it’s none of her business and if she tells, their friendship is over…

So she wants to know if she if she’s trippin because she feels like it is her business to get involved.


(44:29) – blop quiz

And now it’s time for a blop quiz issa black pop quiz what it is.


(49:15) – and another thing

Getting involved with your friends and their business.


(51:55) – it’s the amanda seales show!

It’s time to listen laugh and learn… i have the word for the day…. And the word of the day is…

Bailiwick (noun) (bay-lih-wik) synonyms: discipline, field of study, subject area bailiwick refers to the domain or sphere in which someone has superior knowledge or authority. Amanda: people in my comments are gonna learn that i am knowledgeable in multiple bailiwicks, so don’t come for me.


(54:37) – politicians say the darndest things

And it’s time for politicians say the darndest things.


(57:26) – Thanks for Listening.





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