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Whipping Feet

podcast May 2, 2024

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In this episode Charlamagne Tha God is joined by Nyla Simone and they discuss their recent experiences at the Black Effect Podcast Festival and a visit to a strip club. The conversation delves into the sustainability of podcasting as a business and the importance of lowering expectations. They then analyze Kendrick Lamar’s new song ‘Euphoria’ and its response to Drake’s recent diss track. They also touch on the use of the N-word and the cultural backgrounds of biracial artists. They analyze specific lines from Kendrick Lamar’s song and discuss the themes and subtopics they represent. They touch on accountability, the interpretation of lyrics, references to other artists, the use of gun bars and violence in rap, the concept of authenticity, the industry’s perception of Drake, the dynamics between Drake and Kendrick, and the portrayal of women in rap. They also share personal anecdotes and opinions on various aspects of the song. The conversation revolves around the ongoing rap feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. We also pays tribute to Dallas Penn, a podcasting pioneer who recently passed away.

RIP Dallas Penn


00:00 The Black Effect Podcast Festival
05:12 The Sustainability of Podcasting
06:35 The Controversy Surrounding the N-Word
23:30 The Importance of Timing in Diss Tracks
25:27 Strip Club Etiquette and Cultural Differences
29:10 The Desire for an Older Strip Club
31:02 Family and Personal Growth in the Music Industry
31:49 Accountability and Reaping What You Sow
33:16 Interpreting References and Meanings
34:39 The Use of Gun Bars and Violence in Rap
37:35 Authenticity and the Industry’s Perception of Drake
38:34 The Dynamics Between Drake and Kendrick
41:30 Examining the Portrayal of Women in Rap
01:04:11 Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake Feud
01:06:00 Analyzing the Diss Tracks and Their Impact
01:08:27 Discussing the Cultural Significance and Race in Hip-Hop
01:14:05 Examining Specific Lyrics and References
01:19:07 Predicting Future Responses and the Current Score
01:37:58 Remembering Dallas Penn
01:46:26 #AskAnIdiot
01:50:07 Talking to Animals and Favorite White Person
01:55:16 Heaven Without Family and Reincarnation
02:05:11 Thoughts on Kanye West and Marijuana Legalization

Get Honest or Die Lying Why Small Talk Sucks
By Charlamagne Tha God

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