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What Will It Take To Have Consistent Improvement – David & Donni #300

podcast December 31, 1969

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Here are 10 steps that can be utilized in order to become more consistent.

1. You have to become disgusted over being inconsistent

2. Decide to be consistent

3. Decide what you are going to be consistent in

4. Having someone else hold you accountable.

5. Make sure that you are consistent at doing the right things

6. Break the goal down into small pieces

7. Make time (set the time aside) Schedule out the time

8. Consistent Improvement <<<<<<<<<<

9. Eliminate unnecessary steps

10. Realizing that the process is worth it even though it’s not desirable. The reward should be what you pick up along the way as a result of being consistent. If there’s no reward you should still want to do it.

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