We Gon’ Learn Today: Educational Inequity with Zakiya Naema Jackson

podcast April 21, 2021

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Our “We Gon’ Learn Today” series is back! Ekemini and Christina are sitting at the table with Zakiya Naema Jackson to talk about educational inequity. Zakiya is the Vice President of Advocacy for the Expectations Project, where she oversees advocacy campaigns and executes learning experiences on education equity, emphasizing systemic policy changes. She also engages in strategic planning for faith communities and clergy to utilize their experience as they advocate for change. Zakiya loves to help people grow, heal and transform their pursuit of justice and equity. Working in public schools, nonprofits and corporations for over 16 years, Zakiya believes in addressing systemic problems individually and corporately. She started her career as a preschool teacher and social worker, went on to get her MBA and now works extensively with communities of faith and. generally with people of color addressing justice issues. Based in Washington DC, Zakiya loves taking long walks, supporting local business, visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture and otherwise enjoying her community. Pull up a chair and have a seat at the table with us!

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