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Waka Flocka Was In A Slave 360 Deal With Warner Records

podcast December 19, 2021

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Waka Flocka Was In A Slave 360 Deal With Warner Records

Would you have signed this deal? 🤔

Most artists say they want a publishing deal, but what does that mean? ⁣

A music publisher can get you syncs. ⁣

What’s a sync?⁣

That’s when your music is placed in TV, movies and video games. ⁣

There’s great money in this. ⁣

But the deal has to be good. ⁣

Waka Flocka didn’t sign a good deal. ⁣

He signed a commitment deal where he had to make the music they wanted him to make. ⁣

If not, it wasn’t going to get sync’d. ⁣

Most deals are ass. ⁣

Cause most don’t know what terms to negotiate. ⁣

Out of every deal that is offered to artists, publishing deals have the most flexibility. ⁣

You can maintain ownership. ⁣

You get an advance. ⁣

You collect royalties. ⁣

You collect publishing. ⁣

And your song gets marketing dollars put behind it based on the sync. ⁣

You still can get robbed tho. ⁣

Know your terms. ⁣

Would you sign a publishing deal?⁣

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