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Valentine’s Day Special: Mo’Nique preaches about growth in a loving relationship

podcast February 14, 2024

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Salutation, SR Tribe! Welcome, and thank you for coming back for another hearty serving of The Sophisticatedly Ratchet Podcast, giving the real in a world of fake. Dive into the heart-to-heart conversation between Monique and Shay Shay as they explore the highs and lows of love in the entertainment industry. From navigating fame to maintaining a healthy marriage, Monique drops invaluable wisdom bombs that will leave you reevaluating your relationship dynamics. Join us as we dissect her insights and ponder the age-old question: Can love truly conquer all, even in Hollywood’s glitzy world?

No Bad Days- Chakra Alignment: Heart Chakra Is responsible for love and compassion for yourself and others. When healed, it allows you to develop a stronger relationship, trust, find joy, and peace.

Affirmations: (1) My heart is open, (2) I love myself unconditionally, (3) I attract trusting and loving relationships, (4) I manifest happiness, (5) The past has no power or control over me& (6) I release all things/people/experiences that no longer serve me with ease, & I am ready and open to receiving love and blessings

Shakes Word of the Week: Cromulent (adjective) acceptable or adequate

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