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“URL” or “IRL”, Here Are Our Rules Feat. Sinmi Folarin

podcast December 31, 1969

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Dating online was already becoming popular, especially amongst young Millennials and Gen-Zs and then came COVID-19 to further speed up this popularization AND make this process even more challenging. So, whether you decide to date "URL" or "IRL" during the pandemic, here are the rules.. or at least according to Chid and Sinmi.

On this episode, Chid is joined in the studio by friend and creative director, Sinmi to discuss the pros and cons of dating online and in person, favourite online dating apps and the desirability or lack thereof of Black women on dating apps. Finally, they share some tips and experiences on "to-dos" for dating during the pandemic.

You might want to have your notes app open for this one.. LOL

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