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This week, Javon returns to the MelaNews desk for the very latest in social media trends, prepares the team for midterm elections, and Week 10 of the LMGMHP Fantasy Football League. Jasmine and the guys enter the world of Westeros one last time as they break down the House of The Dragon season finale and anticipate what's to come for the actors both on and offscreen. Finally, join the crew in discussion as Jace pinpoints the ever-elusive link between antisemitism, and anti-blackness, and how the two create a solid through-line to white supremacy.

Show Notes (Links hyperlinked):
Why Kanye West Can’t Sell His ‘White Lives Matter’ T-Shirts – Capital B
Unpacking Kanye West’s Antisemitic Remarks and Kyrie Irving’s actions
Exploring hate: How antisemitism fuels white nationalism
Kyrie Irving needs to answer for promoting antisemitism

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