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Two Programs to Help You Buy More Real Estate (nobody talks about these enough!)

podcast February 2, 2024

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Embark on a journey of financial transformation as my cousin Blayther pulls back the curtain on his Atlanta real estate conquest. With just a 10% down payment, he turned a new construction home into a short-term rental goldmine, recouping his investment in a mere year. Through our discussion, untapped opportunities in various loan programs come to light, including the vacation loan and the Good Neighbor Next Door program—tailored for public servants eager to make a mark in revitalizing communities. This episode is a treasure trove of strategic insights and practical advice for those ready to navigate the real estate landscape with a sharp eye and a keen mind.

Venture into the tenant-friendly terrain of DC real estate, where the savvy investor finds both challenge and reward. We dissect the intricate dance with local tenant laws, particularly Topa, and the complex eviction waltz that can ensnare the unprepared. The spotlight shines on strategies to swell your portfolio, focusing on the lure of multi-family units and the promise of affordable housing. Looking beyond the horizon, we also dissect the allure of out-of-state investments, an avenue paved with the potential of steady income through housing authorities. Whether you're a grizzled property veteran or taking your first leap into the market, this episode is your compass to the wealth-building power of real estate.

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In this clip, Randy Louis discusses the 10% down Vacation Home program, The Good Neighbor Next Door Program and more. 

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