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Tracing Roots: Captain OC Discusses Black & African Peoples as Biblical Israelites

podcast May 1, 2024

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In this compelling episode, Captain OC from Israel United in Christ joins us to discuss the historical and spiritual perspectives that identify Black and African peoples as the Biblical Israelites. Listeners will gain insights into the challenges of advocating this identity, the strategies developed to educate and expand their community, and the successes of their outreach efforts. Captain OC also shares valuable lessons on embracing one’s heritage and the power of truth in rewriting history. For more information and to connect with Captain OC’s work, visit Israel United in Christ website and follow their educational content across various platforms.

Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction to Captain OC and the mission of Israel United in Christ.
  • Discussion on the significant challenges and public perceptions faced by the community.
  • Strategies that have fostered growth and understanding among followers.
  • Captain OC’s advice for listeners interested in exploring their historical and spiritual roots.

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