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Time Abundance: Why Your Time Is More Valuable Than Money

podcast December 31, 1969

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What is your most valuable asset? Chances are, it’s your time. Many people treat time as a scarce resource — something it feels like we never have enough of. But what would happen if we looked at time from a place of abundance?

We’re kicking off our Money and Abundance series by exploring the idea of time abundance. Instead of viewing time as a race against the clock, we’re aiming to look at time as a valuable asset that we can allocate, invest, and spend in ways that align with our values.

I also talk about…

  • Why time is more valuable than money.
  • The ways our time and money intersect.
  • What time abundance is and how we can be more abundant with our time?
  • Strategies for managing our time to create more space to focus on what matters to us.

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