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This Is For My Dogs! | EPISODE 76

podcast March 23, 2023

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On the latest episode of Amanda Seales’ podcast, the host celebrates National Puppy Day and discusses the recent news out of Philadelphia regarding the $9.25 million settlement in the George Floyd case. 

She also shares her thoughts on the recent controversy surrounding a Mississippi news anchor who was fired for using a racial slur on air.

Later in the episode, Jeremiah Like The Bible, checks in to participate in “The People Versus” segment. And finally, Seales talks about the ongoing family feud among the Isley Brothers.

As always, Seales offers her unique perspective on these topics and encourages listeners to listen, laugh, and learn.


(00:00) It’s National Puppy Day. Sending Love Out To All The Dog Lovers

(04:54) BLACKURATE NEWS: Philadelphia To Pay $9.25 Million Settlement Over Response To Protests After George Floyd Murder. Mississippi News Anchor Fired For Saying “Fo Shizzle My Nizzle” On Air

(09:40) New Segment “The People Versus” With Guest Jeremiah Like The Bible

(14:20) The Group Chat….What Is Your Worst Date Story? A Guest On The Today Show Shared Hers And It Made Mouths Drop.

(16:20) 1 855 AMANDA 8…THATS 855 262-6328 …. OUR LINES ARE OPEN 24/7. We Were Just Talking About Worst Dates….What’s Your Worst Date Ever?

(18:28) BLACKURATE NEWS: 7 Virginia Deputies Charged With Murder In Death Of Man Who Prosecutors Say Was ‘Smothered’ At Hospital. Isley Bros Family Feud….Rudolph Isley Sues Brother Ronald Over Rights To The Isley Brothers Trademark

(28:08) Wellness…Bacteria In Recalled Eye Drops Linked To Cases Of Vision Loss, Surgical Removal Of Eyeballs

(31:11) BIG UP, LET DOWN: BIG UP – Cardi B’s $4M Defamation Verdict Against Tasha K Upheld By Appeals Court…Tasha Issues An Apology. LET DOWN –  Tekashi 6ix9ine Brutally Attacked In Florida Gym…Rushed To Hospital. 

(36:56) We Always Love Hearing From You. So When Something Is On Your Mind That You Want To Share, Or If You Want To Comment On One Of The Stories We Talk About, CALL 855-AMANDA-8, 855-262-6328.  Earlier Today We Were Talking About Worst Dates.

(40:03) BLACKURATE NEWS: Things We Learned About Indictments

(49:07) Watch Your Surroundings…T-Boz Issues Safety Warning After Daughter Is Seemingly Targeted By Sex Traffickers

(53:31)  We Asked You To Take The Poll This Week…Do You Think Parents Should Respect Their Adult Children…Yes Or No?

(56:57) BLACKURATE NEWS: Another School Shooting At A Denver High School

(63:54) The Weeknd Sets Guinness Record …As World’s Most Popular Artist!!!





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