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Theories & Thoughts: Episode 43- Check In

podcast September 23, 2020

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Arnya and Fancy discuss some heavy topics such as,  mental health, self awareness, self care, civil unrest, see something say something, suicide prevention. They also discuss some celeb news like Niecy Nash got married to Carol Denis Betts, the passing of Chadwick Boseman, and the Monica and Brandy Verzuz.


  • Stripped to My Truth by MicaelaThomas| You can never really get the “just” of someone else’s life by having them tell you  simple bits and pieces of it. You don’t understand without the specifics. In this story of a young girl transitioning into adolescence and then adulthood, you get the full experience of the internal struggle placed upon her shoulders.
  • Cassidy A. Lee|

This devotional is for anyone who is crying out to the Lord after suffering terrible loss. Its purpose is to encourage them to wait on God’s promises and endure the times to come. It reiterates believing in God to use the times of great pain as a way to perfect their faith. Designed for people with tight schedules, the devotional meets their needs as something succinct yet impactful. Perfect for starting a day strong with insight and clarity, it’s “small but mighty.”

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Society & Culture

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