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The Truth About Designing Shoes – Santia Deck

podcast December 31, 1969

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This is a cip from Anything Men Do, Women Can Do Better – Episode #243 w/ Santia Deck

Santia Deck is a Professional Female Football Player, CEO of TRONUS , and Cultural Trailblazer. After signing a multi-million dollar deal in 2019 with the Women’s Football League Association, she realized all the years of training, sacrifice, and drive paid off. In this episode we will unpack her story, vision to empower others, and business mind as she is blazing the trail for little girls all across the world! We discuss: 

  • Breaking the glass ceiling in sports for women: the history, nuance, and opportunity behind women becoming the cultural, business, and athletic icons they are capable of being. 

  • Women and Football : the business, debate, and opportunity behind women play the sport that historically has been attached to men and how she is changing the game! 

  • Branding and Vision : why she founded TRONUS and the power, lucrative opportunity, and history making statement behind owning a black owned brand as a woman. 

  • The power of social media : how coaches, brands and team executives became raving fans after finding her on the internet. 

  • Systems in business : the importance of fulfillment centers, a robust marketing strategy, and a trustworthy manufacturer. 

  • Dating as a successful woman : how to navigate the challenges, self-development, and balance of walking in feminine energy in relationships. 

And so much more!

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