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The Subscription Business Model : Making Millions From Memberships – Episode #220 w/ Matt and Fabiana Ferrarini

podcast December 31, 1969

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Matt and Fabiana Ferrarini have managed to build a life changing health and wellness movement named QueenWarrior that is sweeping the nation. With over 30,000 subscribers to date, this power couple has been able to build a multiple seven figure business with integrity, wholistic results for their clients, and with innovative creativity. In this episode we discuss : 

  • The truth behind the fitness industry and why they wanted to revolutionize fitness coaching, programs and experiences for women. 
  • Why most great opportunities are created from obstacles and how to find out what sticks for your business model. 
  • How The Live Fitness Training component changed their business forever. 
  • Building an APP for your business and how it is the premiere way to scale your business. 
  • Subscription Based Models In Business : how they can be the key to building generational wealth. 
  • Organic VS. Paid Traffic : The pathway to more exposure, traffic to your offer and sales. 
  • The Mind/Body Connection in fitness : how to have wholistic results that cause you to change from the inside AND out. 
  • How to build a substantial business and movement with your significant other. 

And so much more!

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