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The State of Female Rap & Can Today’s Men Still Handle Traditional Roles? ft @Thcbillyb

podcast May 14, 2024

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Do you think relationships with men benefit women in today's society? Join us as we explore this topic with special guests on the Daily Rap Up Crew! Subscribe for entertaining discussions and interesting insights. Don't miss out on the fun!
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00:00:00 – Relationships and Gender Roles
00:01:25 – Introducing the Daily Wrap-Up Crew
00:02:08 – Special Guest Jennie Jen
00:03:01 – Billy B Joins the Conversation
00:04:25 – Neecee Shares Her Perspective
00:05:27 – Brokest Things Men Have Done
00:08:06 – Female Rap and Ghostwriting
00:11:33 – State of Female Rap Today
00:14:04 – Men's Perspective on Female Rap
00:15:10 – Authenticity in Music and Image
00:17:37 – Aggressive Women in Rap
00:19:07 – Expectations for Female Rappers
00:20:29 – Women Paying for Men's Services
00:22:10 – Writing Your Own Music
00:24:17 – Ghostwriting in Hip-Hop
00:25:01 – Lil' Kim and Ghostwriting Debate
00:26:05 – Exposing Cheaters in the Club
00:28:31 – Men's Faithfulness and Club Behavior
00:31:22 – Benefits of Relationships for Women
00:33:09 – Sassy Man Apocalypse and Gender Roles
00:34:04 – Hookah Smoking and Gender Expectations
00:35:42 – Women and Smoking Habits
00:37:07 – Women's Smoking and Attractiveness
00:38:16 – Benefits in Relationships: Men vs. Women
00:40:11 – Modern Men's Skills and Expectations
00:41:00 – Unrealistic Expectations Between Genders

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