The New Teflon Don: 34 Felonies but No Jail Time?

December 31, 1969

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Welcome back to another episode of Market Mondays! 🚀 In this clip, Rashad Bilal, Troy Millings, and Ian Dunlap dive into one of the hottest topics of the week: the conviction of Donald Trump on 34 felony counts. Despite the staggering number of charges related to falsifying business documents and the payoff to Stormy Daniels, Trump has not lost his political momentum. In fact, he's raised millions in campaign funds and solidified his base even more.

Key Discussion Points:

1. **Trump's Felony Conviction**:

– Rashad kicks off the discussion by addressing Trump's 34 felony convictions. With overwhelming support still coming in, including financial backing of up to $210 million, is this really a setback for Trump?

2. **Market Implications**:

– Ian Dunlap provides his expert analysis on whether the market will be affected by Trump's legal issues. Spoiler: It looks like the market has already priced in a Trump victory!

3. **The Political and Economic Landscape**:

– Troy Millings chimes in on the broader political environment, discussing how Trump's situation might influence the upcoming presidential election and market stability.

4. **Inequities in the Justice System**:

– The trio also tackles the glaring inequities in the justice system, highlighting the differences in how white-collar crimes and other offenses are treated.

5. **Public Sentiment and Future Predictions**:

– What do Trump’s legal woes mean for public sentiment and future market behavior? With the Republican National Convention approaching and Trump's next court appearance set for July 11, what should we expect?

Special Segments:

– **Ian Dunlap on Market Resilience**:

– Ian explores how the stock market seems almost "rigged" to stay up, regardless of even extreme political or economic turmoil.

– **Troy on Economic Messaging**:

– Troy discusses the Democratic Party’s failure to effectively communicate their economic successes and what they should focus on in future campaigns.

– **Rashad's Take on Felon Voting Rights**:

– Rashad delivers a compelling argument for why felons should be allowed to vote, especially in light of Trump's potential path to victory.

Upcoming Insights:

Keep an eye out for a deeper dive into these topics in our upcoming full episode! We'll be joining forces with special guests to analyze whether Trump's charges constitute a political witch hunt and what the future holds for him and the nation.

Join the Conversation:

We welcome your thoughts and opinions on this contentious issue. Do you think Trump's felony convictions will impact his political future or market behavior? Comment below!

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