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The Modern Therapist | Is Imposter Syndrome Ruining Your Life? | Girl Stop Playin Podcast- Episode 9

podcast December 31, 1969

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Take a deep breath… in 1 2 3 out 1 2 3. Now tap in with a therapist that gets you, looks like you and isn’t afraid to tell you what she feels. Precious Avorkliyah, the modern therapist is an author, meditation instructor, motivational streaker and is ready to see you help you! In this episode we have THE talk that no one wants to has, press play to hear tips, get resources and improve your life. It’s time for mental wellness!

“We are never one thing always… we will greet ourselves several times across our life span. We are ever evolving” -The Modern Therapist 



[3:24] Why is there a stigma of black people not wanting therapy?   

[4:44] Mental Illness vs Mental Wellness  

[7:03]Psychotherapist vs Psychologist vs Psychiatrist 

[9:40] Are there resources that aren’t therapy for those who are anxious about therapy?

[12:41] The Truth Behind Stress 

[16:26] Where can people find (your) good therapist?

[18:41] You deserve having an outlet 

[20:00] Definition of Imposter Syndrome 

[25:06] How do you know it’s imposter syndrome?

[25:28] Do you think therapy should be a prerequisite for a relationship? 

[28:12] How do you tell your significant other they need therapy? 

[30:31] How do you tell a friend? 

[36:13] What is your advice for a woman who may be carrying too much weight? 

[39:09] How does the therapist deal with pressure? 

[40:31] How do you give no judgement advice? 

[43:12] What are your suggestions for including affirmations and meditations in someone’s life 

[45:47] Explain Mindfulness 


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