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The Fastest Way To Wealth Is Slowly (5 MINUTE FRIDAYS)

podcast December 31, 1969

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This 5 MINUTE FRIDAYS is focused on the idea of leaning into going deep versus going wide in terms of how profit is generated through your business.

Going Wide – Having multiple streams of income that's generated from means of totally different areas.

Ex: Money that's comes from one person being a hair stylist, preparing taxes, catering and childcare.

All these avenues will generate money – period. You may even make lots of money, but chances are that you'd be drained and burned out.

Going Deep: Having multiple streams from one thing. (we don't want a trickle… We want a stream)

Ex: A person who's a hair stylist, sells hair products, facilitates a course teaching hair styling, owns several locations of other people doing the same and of course a podcast talking about hairstyling that also promotes that business) will going much further.

Plus, the focus is many things within the one thing.

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