The Big 500 & Savage Love

podcast March 19, 2024

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Dan Savage, author and host of The Savage Lovecast, joins Damona in a very special 500th episode to talk about dating trends and predictions for 2024. Then he and Damona take on a spicy Dear Damona & Dan segment with questions like: 

– My girlfriend wants to switch things up in the bedroom, but I’m feeling shy. Where do we start? 

– And, I don’t want a relationship, but I don’t want a one-night stand. What are my options?

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The 500th episode (00:00:00) Damona Hoffman reflects on the history of the podcast and celebrates the 500th episode with special guest Dan Savage.

Dating trends and predictions for 2024 (00:01:07) Dan Savage discusses 2024 dating trends and shares his newest dating term.

The impact of societal developments on dating (00:02:25) Damona reads a portion of her book, “F the Fairy Tale,” discussing the impact of societal developments on dating and relationships.

The trend of ghosting and flaking (00:08:08) Damona and Dan discuss the increasing trend of ghosting and flaking in dating, and its potential reasons.

The influence of politics on dating (00:14:45) Damona and Dan analyze the growing influence of politics on dating and relationships, particularly in the context of an election year.

The growing political divide (00:16:07) Discussion on the increasing influence of politics on dating and relationships, particularly regarding women’s rights and equality.

Polyamory trends and definitions (00:20:32) Exploring the trends and definitions of polyamorous relationships, including statistics and Dan Savage’s personal experience.

Defining monogamy (00:29:39) Dan Savage’s perspective on the definition of monogamy and how it can encompass a range of relationship dynamics, including acknowledging attraction to others.

Challenging traditional monogamous norms (00:32:17) Discussion on the flexibility of monogamous relationships and the importance of maintaining intimacy, security, and openness within a partnership.

Pegging and Tolley Amory (00:33:53) Dan Savage introduces the term “tolley amory” and discusses the concept of putting up with a partner’s infidelity.

Advice on Dominance in Sex (00:37:47) Dan Savage provides tips on becoming more dominant in sexual relationships and discusses the psychological aspects of dominance.

Initiating Group Sex with Friends (00:47:29) A listener seeks advice on how to hint at the possibility of group sex with a couple they are friends with.

The friend zone and hanging out (00:50:08) Discussion about navigating the friend zone and hanging out with someone of interest.

Starting fresh after a long-term marriage (00:53:15) Advice for someone who wants to start dating after a 15-year marriage and is unsure about casual dating.

Exploring casual relationships and dating apps (00:54:41) Encouragement for exploring casual relationships, using dating apps, and finding the right platform for dating.

Getting out of the house and meeting new people (01:00:11) Encouragement to engage in activities outside the house to meet new people and potentially find romantic connections.

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