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The 100 Million Dollar Woman

podcast December 31, 1969

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🌟 Get ready for an extraordinary episode of Full Transparency with Donni, featuring the remarkable Dr. Traci Lynn! 🎙️ Join us as we sit down with the renowned "100 million dollar woman" to gain insight into her remarkable journey.

🔍 In this Episode:

🚀 From Humble Beginnings: Discover Dr. Traci Lynn's inspiring journey from humble beginnings to entrepreneurial success. Learn how she navigated challenges and seized opportunities to build her empire from the ground up.

💼 Selling for Millions: Gain valuable insights into Dr. Traci Lynn's experience of selling her company for millions of dollars. Explore the strategies, decisions, and pivotal moments that led to this incredible achievement.

🌟 Life After Success: Dive into Dr. Traci Lynn's post-sale journey and discover how she continues to thrive and make an impact in the entrepreneurial world. From new ventures to giving back, Dr. Traci Lynn shares her secrets to sustained success and fulfillment.

🎉 Tune In Now: Don't miss out on this enlightening episode of Full Transparency with Donni! Tune in to hear from Dr. Traci Lynn herself as she shares her wisdom, experiences, and insights. Join us for an inspiring conversation that's sure to leave you motivated and empowered!

HOST: Donni Wiggins 

7 Figure Business Coach & Podcaster who is highly sought after in the space of entrepreneurship and empowerment – helping her clients scale to 7 figures (and beyond)! She is the co-host of Social Proof Podcast & the host of Full Transparency Podcast.

GUEST: Dr. Traci Lynn

Known as "The $100,000,000 Woman" is a legendary entrepreneur who transformed a mere $200 into a $100 million direct sales dynasty with her brand, Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry. Renowned for empowering thousands of women around the world, she's grown her company to one of the largest in the direct sales industry, with nearly 100,000 consultants.

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