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Tax Hacks & Deductions (2022) – Episode #262 w/ Karlton Dennis

podcast December 31, 1969

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Reducing your Tax Bill legally takes a trusted advisor, strategic approach, and an awareness of what "Uncle Sam" lays down as the rules of the game! Karlton Dennis has helped thousands of people put together a proper tax strategy as they are on the path to building successful business, contributing to their communities, and becoming wealthy in the process. In this episode we'll uncover the Tax Secrets Of The Wealthy. We will discuss :

  • Tax Strategies Vs. Tax Planning – What the major difference is between learning how to navigate the tax code and willingly paying what you think you owe the government. 

  • The Truth About Trusts : Why every entrepreneur should consider having a trust and the power, freedom afforded by and strategy of contract law. 

  • Tax Benefits Of Owning Real Estate : Why the rich take advantage of offsetting tax benefits that having a portfolio of real estate provides. 

  • Phantom Expenses : How to view depreciation, opportunity to upgrade current assets, and the cost of operating business as leverage to lower your tax bill. 

  • Shortening The Wealth Gap : What the government and big banks had in mind when mortgage programs were created and how it affects if/how the wealth gap can be shortened. 

And so much more!

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