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SWR Minisode: Unveiling the Ghosts of Segregation with Authors Richard Frishman and Brian Foster

podcast February 19, 2024

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Hey well read baddies, welcome to another #Black365 minisode! Today we engage in a deep and enlightening conversation with the creators of the book, ‘Ghosts of Segregation: American Racism Hidden in Plain Sight.’ The discussion involves photographer Richard ‘Rich’ Frishman and author Dr. Brian Foster. They discuss the concept of their book touching upon the profound connection between places with racial significance across the United States and the prevalence of racism in today’s society. Both guests share their perspectives, their journey with the book, and the need for society to confront and comprehend the distant and recent past to address present racial inequities.

00:39 Introduction and Welcoming Guests

02:24 Introducing the Book: Ghost of Segregation

03:33 Guest Introductions: Rich Frishman and Dr. Brian Foster

06:32 The Journey of Creating the Book

12:57 The Surprising Discoveries During the Journey

16:11 Discussing the Impact of Racism Across the United States

24:59 The Power of Nostalgia and Responsibility

31:44 Exploring Time Travel and Racial History

32:48 Nostalgia and the American Road Trip

33:30 The Dark Side of Americana

35:41 Confronting Ignorance and Racism

40:10 The Struggle for Authentic Representation

52:20 The Role of Art and Literature in Social Change

58:23 Looking Towards the Future

The book- https://www.amazon.com/shop/shewellread/list/19SX6FVNGFF0K?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_aipsflist_aipsfshewellread_60SMMWFAY85KBJNN6AH5

Books mentioned in episode- https://www.amazon.com/shop/shewellread/list/19SX6FVNGFF0K?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_aipsflist_aipsfshewellread_60SMMWFAY85KBJNN6AH5

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