Succession Planning for Business Owners

podcast December 31, 1969

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Welcome to another clip of Market Mondays! Today, we are thrilled to host John W. Rogers Jr., the legendary investor and founder of Ariel Investments. Delve into a comprehensive discussion on the pivotal aspects of successful business planning and wise investment strategies. Whether you're an entrepreneur contemplating the longevity of your business or an investor diversifying your portfolio, this episode offers invaluable insights.

*Key Highlights:*

1. **Succession Planning**: John shares his philosophy on preparing for business succession, emphasizing the importance of considering team and shareholder interests over personal gains. Learn about the importance of finding the right successors and distributing equity to ensure long-term business sustainability.

2. **Investment Strategies**: Discover John’s approach to building a diversified investment portfolio. From individual stock investments within one's circle of competence to mutual funds and equity markets, he provides tailored advice based on extensive experience. John also discusses the relevance of new investment avenues like cryptocurrencies.

3. **Building a Legacy**: Listen to John’s personal anecdotes, including his journey with Ariel Investments and insights from his board experiences at companies like McDonald’s and the MSG Sphere.

4. **Career Insights at Ariel**: Interested in what makes a candidate stand out at Ariel Investments? John outlines the key qualities and traits that Ariel looks for in potential team members, emphasizing teamwork, commitment, and the ability to contribute to collective success.

This session is loaded with strategic advice and personal stories that illuminate the path to both entrepreneurial and investment success. Tune in to gain from John W. Rogers Jr.'s seasoned perspective on making key business decisions that stand the test of time.

*Useful for:*

– Entrepreneurs planning for business continuity

– Investors seeking to diversify their portfolios

– Business leaders aiming to cultivate a successful workplace culture

– Individuals interested in finance and investment careers

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