Stud Chore Chart | Episode 208

podcast May 6, 2024

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Some good news and good mess this week.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission strengthens protections for trans and nonbinary employees in American workplaces for the first time in 25 years. A new International Olympic Committee-sponsored study finds that trans women athletes are at a relative disadvantage in many key physical areas compared to their cis counterparts. We also circle back on the latest updates from the Ali Krieger/Ashlyn Harris/Sophia Bush saga and ask why the Chicago Sky couldn't get a Peerspace for their Angel Reese intro press conference. 

In Am I A Bad Queer, we discuss if you should seek dating advice from your friends in relationships and pride options for newly single folks.

For our Bad Queer Opinions,  Shana gets to the truth of the old studs vs new studs debate and Kris asks femmes to critique each other in public more frequently.

And always remember, the world is your boxed lunch.


Shana: Freddie – a new queer app with a focus on events. They make it easier for you to find events, friends and community. Freddie is made for queer folx and in particular it is made with love for BIPOC queer folx. Queer run and POC owned – Follow on IG

Black Queer Dom and Mx Eden have an event for DC Black Pride, Sublime Effigy Pride on 5/25. Make sure you follow @blackqueerdom and @yesmxeden on IG for more info and tix

Episode Breakdown:
[0:19] Queer Urban Dictionary 
[03:10] – Category is: EEOC- LGBTQ+ Employees Can’t be Misgendered or Denied Bathrooms at Work 
[6:39] – Category is: Trans Women's athletic disadvantages  
[9:20] – Category is: Ali Krieger – Ashlyn Harris – Sophia Bush saga
[30:12] – Am I A Bad Queer?
[43:51] – Bad Queer Opinions 
[53:14] – Shoutouts

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