Social Media Injustice w/ Jiaani | Mental Wealthness S2:EP4

podcast April 30, 2023

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Jiaani is an artist and business owner who is known for his unique style and conscious lyrics. In this episode of Mental Wealthness, he shares his insights on the topic of social media injustice and how it affects our mental health. Jiaani also emphasizes the importance of taking breaks from social media and finding a healthy balance between our online and offline lives. He shares his personal experience of how disconnecting from social media has helped him to focus on his mental health and overall well-being.

Overall, this episode of Mental Wealthness provides valuable insights on the impact of social media on our mental health and encourages viewers to prioritize self-care and mindfulness in their online habits.

0:00- full flex Clip

1:34 -intro social media injustice

4:27 – reflection period

5:59 – personal Impacts

7:22 – rebalancing through fast (social media cleanse)

9:25 – psychological Warfare with media

12:00 – Feeding your soul as a creative

12:50 – Managing socials for yourself and kids

15:18 – transmuting your time from social media

16:48 – KIC Unlimited Ad

17:40 – changes from transmutation

20:05 – The beauty in individuality

22:18 – it’s scary to quiet the noise

23:11 – the power of mindfulness

25:09 – Keep it simple ( make sound decisions)

29:40 – spiritual shaping

32:10 comparing highlights

34:44 – it takes time to mature

35:15 – what impact has meditation had on you?

37:00 – Being the best version of You!

38:39 – Harnessing your creativity

40:55 – take time live in the experience

42:25 – Noire Real Estate AD

43:30 – building around what you have to offer

44:50 – Full Flex Day

46:20 – focused on real life vs social media

48:55 – Has social media affected your relationship

50:25 – keeping up with social media

52:11 – Showing your hand

53:04 – pushing impact over lifestyle

55:05 – Will without a way vs. way without the will

56:10 – the mind is the tool of the body

58:00 – Closing Remarks



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