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So You Creative Huh? Feat. Dre Okaa

podcast December 31, 1969

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Although being a Content Creator or Creative Entrepreneur is the most accessible it has ever been, it is no easy journey. It takes a lot learning, diversifying skills and collaborating and not just waiting to "go viral".

This is why Chid has invited Dre O., Founder of the Talkative X Collective, Host of the Backyard Bants Podcast and all around Creative Entrepreneur to share his experiences so far. On this episode, the two discuss the ups and downs of being a creative in Toronto, Canada, doubt and feeling behind in the creative industry, the importance of collaborating with other creatives as well as improvement and continued learning and lots more. With Dre in the studio, the conversation is sure to be interesting.

As usual, you are going to LEARN and LAUGH

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