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Snoop Says Dr. Dre Still Hates ‘Deep Cover’ To This Day

podcast December 20, 2021

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Dr. Dre Still Hates ‘Deep Cover’ To This Day

Damn Dr Dre 🤔

You don’t have to like everything that you put out.⁣

Once you get in a groove of creation, everything you complete isn’t going to hit the same.⁣

Keyword: Complete.⁣

I’m a firm believer that if you complete something, it was meant to be released to the world.⁣

If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have been motivated to be completed.⁣

Some of beats, songs, videos that I complete, I don’t really feel once I’m finished.⁣

But I finished it for a reason.⁣

So I release it.⁣

There’s a shit ton of creations that I never got close to completion.⁣

And those weren’t meant for the world to hear or see.⁣

Dr. Dre obviously feels the same way.⁣

They made “Deep Cover” for a movie.⁣

And obviously it changed the course of popular music as we know it.⁣

If you complete it, release it.⁣

Do you have completed works on your computer?⁣

Why haven’t you released it?⁣

What are you scared of?⁣

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