Six Figure Philosophy – David Shands

podcast December 31, 1969

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Money is not going to make you happy, but money can allow you to do some things that will contribute to your happiness. Real happiness comes from within, but the external perspective can only be a contributor.

Issues of a person's life can be created by philosophies that are believed in, how that person operates, and who that person is.

If there is something that you desire and you don't have it there's a way to get it. If you believe that there is a way well, there is something about you that must change in order for you to possess what you desire to have.

There are times when the thing you desire is given to you as a result of a relationship. Other times, an opportunity may come in order for that desire to be fulfilled. But, you gotta be the person who will recognize the opportunity. Sometimes, you just have to be the person that has the money then, you can simply go get it, no questions asked.

This will require becoming a person that can have it. A six figure philosophy

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