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Side Chicks Keep Marriages Strong

podcast November 4, 2022

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This week we’re giving y’all a collab y’all didn’t know y’all needed until now. Esh from @eshyourheartoutpod came through to talk all things from marriage and divorce to dating as a single mother, her belief that if you’re broke you shouldn’t be having sex, and so much more.

We take a deep dive into the fact that may of us don’t know what it requires to keep a man, or to keep anyone for that matter, so why do we push for monogamy and commitment? The Philly native shares details of her marriage with us and why she would never get married again.

For the first time, Zee gives us a demonstration of her experience as a Dom in her past dating life. We were shocked to hear that “it was easy” 😭 for her partner to allow her to do certain things to him. For the men out there, would you let a woman be your dominatrix? Let us know in the comments below.

Esh also talks her ish and says if you’re broke, you shouldn’t be having sex because where are your priorities? As a woman, you should be able to ask the man you’re having sex with for certain things. Do y’all agree or not? Let us know in the comments below. Esh also gets candid about tattooing men’s name on her, and some of the things she’d like to try on the bedroom. Honesties, have you or will you ever tat your man or woman’s name on you? And under what circumstances?

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