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Self-Love, Rap Battles, and Walmart Economics

podcast April 2, 2024

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In this lively episode of “Everyday Black Men,” the hosts delve into a mix of entertainment, self-love, and social commentary, with Sham kicking things off. The discussion quickly heats up with Riker and Reed clashing over Reed’s bold assertion that Nia Long is a D-level actress, a stance that Riker vehemently opposes. The Black Libertarian shifts the conversation to the topic of self-love, only to be met with skepticism from the rest of the group, sparking a debate about the concept’s validity. The dialogue then turns to the hip-hop world, with Riker questioning the appropriateness of an age limit for rappers, leading Reed to mention the generational divide exemplified by old school rappers’ reception of Eminem. The episode rounds off with Sham proposing an unconventional solution to economic inequality involving Walmart bags and sharing a story that highlights the often-overlooked perspectives of children, ensuring the podcast covers a broad spectrum of topics before concluding.

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