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Season 4, Ep. 54: Shedding Skin & Processing Growth as an Adult

podcast December 17, 2021

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We owed you all an episode, didn’t we? Well, here it is!

We’re back with the not-so-NEW episode we promised you of ‘Adult-ish’ featuring our fave co-host, Vincent Bernard, for a conversation around shredding & processing growth as an adult.

While chatting about his academic plans in August (yeesh, we’re behind), Vince takes a deeper dive into where he is in his life, his insecurities, and embracing the idea of “shedding.”

Much like abandoned crab shells, we humans go through periods of shedding and the duo speak to what the universe has been speaking to them in the Summer of 2021.

While hitting a bowl and allowing their minds to flow, the duo mull over their desire to grow professionally and how they never really understood how important THIS aspect of life can be to adulting.

Host: Afiya A.
Clubhouse @Aljaugust

Co-Host: Vincent Bernard

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