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S5 E2 – Compatibility v/s Suitability : Do You Know the Difference?

podcast February 6, 2023

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Do you know the difference between someone who is compatible with you and someone who is suitable? Does it matter? In this week’s episode, we discuss the difference as it relates to long-term relationships. We also talk about reasons you put in the work and fight for a relationship and ways to identify connections that are only meant for a season.

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The world is a wonderland…the same one Alice found herself in. Everything is distorted, and nothing appears real, while the fakest thing can feel like the most authentic experience. The podcast will look at how our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us impact how we relate to one another. With a male and female perspective from guests in different fields and life experiences, we aim to use real-world examples of how the looking-glass self-theory has an impact on all relationships. We will address societal, cultural, and mental health concepts in everyday terms as we work towards personal growth that allows us to build authentic relationships and attract connections meant for us. While there may have been mental health concepts discussed, this podcast is not meant to be a substitute for diagnosis or mental health care. If anything in this episode triggered you, please seek the care of a professional mental health provider in your area.

Come check us out and learn more about the hosts and our origin story. website: – Instagram: @thelookingglasspodcast – FB Group and Page: Relationships Through Looking Glass Podcast – TikTok: thelookingglasspod

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