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S1EP2 | Why Social Media Makes It Hard To Get Over Your Ex, Crush or Breakup | Relationship Therapy

podcast December 31, 1969

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Social Media has become such a big part of our lives, I mean if you don’t have a social media account it seems as if you don’t exist. Today, most relationships are played out on social media, from the dating process, engagement to the wedding, so of course the break-ups are no different.

So many celebrities are in the media today because of their relationships break-ups, like Tom Brady & Gisele, Tia & Cory Hardict, Nia Long & her husband and so many more.  But the question remains, what role do social media play in getting over your ex.

Join Shaunie Sanders and Ebony Williams as they discuss how Social Media can play a part in your healing journey from a breakup. We are going to discuss in detail how you can stunt your own growth by keeping up with your ex on social media and how we handle breakups before social media.

Our guest co-host is Ebony Williams is an innovative and creative writer, she's published articles for Sheen Magazine and so many more. She’s launched a new business called Let It Flow XOXO which is all about self-care and wellness tips, advice and strategies to help you live a balanced life.

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