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S10 Ep252- S10 Ep252- Meet Fa’apepele Hunkin,

podcast May 21, 2024

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Fa'apepele Hunkin, affectionately known as "Pele," hails from the beautiful island of American Samoa. She was born in Nu'uuli, American Samoa, and raised by her cherished grandparents, Fa'apepele and Leauma Auva'a, in Vaiusu & Pesega, Samoa. Her profound faith, life journey, and remarkable experiences are a testament to the sacrifices and guidance of her parents and grandparents. Above all, Pele attributes her journey to the love, mercy, and grace of God.

As a devoted mother, Pele is blessed with five children: Dominique, Nicole, Dean Jr., Victoria, and Isabella. She's also a proud grandmother to Milan and Nalani and a loving fur baby parent to Deabo. Her life is a vessel of love and positivity.

Pele is a retired United States Army Combat Veteran who served with honor and distinction in various organizations and deployments, ultimately achieving the rank of Sergeant First Class.

Today, Pele has emerged as a dynamic speaker and an international best-selling author, known for her book "HEART OF A WARRIOR, The Humble Journey of a Samoan Warrior." She's also a Contributing Author to eleven bestselling and international bestselling anthologies. Pele is the founder of Pele Inspire-Embracing Authentic Love.

In November 1994, Pele enlisted in the United States Army. She married Deanne Ignacio Tajalle, the man she had fallen in love with and the father of her three biological children (Nicole, Dean Jr., and Victoria). Tragically, Deanne suffered a catastrophic accident while serving as an Army contractor in Ballad, Iraq, which left him in a coma for six months before he passed away. Pele's life has been marked by multiple losses, including becoming a single parent and widow. She also navigated the challenges of a subsequent divorce.

She serves as a National Campaign Team Member and Alumni of the Wounded Warrior Project. Pele holds a Master's in Health Care Administration (MHA) from the University of Management and Technology.

In October 2023, Pele was interviewed about her book by Simone Riley of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in Manchester, UK. She also had the privilege of speaking to junior students at the Manchester Enterprise Academy (MEA) in Manchester, UK, addressing the theme "DREAMS DO COME TRUE."

Pele is a resilient individual who possesses an unwavering passion for making a positive impact in the lives of those she encounters. Her mission is to live to the fullest and leave a meaningful legacy, embodying the principle of "live full and die empty."

Pele's divine purpose is to inspire and empower women to recognize their worth as vessels of love and positivity as they fulfill their God-given purpose.

Daily, Pele lives by two guiding words: LIVE and LOVE. For her, it means embracing life fully, pursuing one's passions, and seizing every opportunity for personal growth. Her journey has given her the strength to share her story and the glory of God with the world.

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