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  • keyboard_arrow_right Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor & Channing Crowder talk on The Pivot: When Someone is Alive, Give Them Their Flowers, Know your Value, Lesson’s from OG’s & Explaining sex to your kids


Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor & Channing Crowder talk on The Pivot: When Someone is Alive, Give Them Their Flowers, Know your Value, Lesson’s from OG’s & Explaining sex to your kids

podcast March 8, 2024

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Down in Florida for Channing’s comedy show this past week, Fred, Ryan and Chan get together to have a conversation about life, all the new updates in each of their own careers and talk about what’s next while looking back at the strides they’ve all made individually and as a group. Knowing your worth can take you a long way. Whether that be in sports, careers, relationships or within your own family, understanding your value is a key piece to life. But a life practice we often take for granted is never giving someone their flowers while they are here and sometimes it being too late, and the person never hearing while being alive. The guys talk about the importance of recognizing and sharing with others, celebrating the wins when we get them and showing up for one another to support.

Chan’s 2nd comedy show was a success and he’s really starting to pour his time into his craft and exploring this new venture. He says he may be better at comedy than football but the guys disagree and say it’s a different calling and is just excelling differently in each. Ryan talks about Channing’s gift to make others laugh and feel good and Fred says he’s been impressed in the fast progress he’s making which Channing says he owes to asking questions to OG’s and never being too big or grown to ask for help and advice as he learns. Whether you are an athlete, a comedian, a singer, a coach or anything, never be afraid to look to those who came before you to ask for guidance and that’s how the good ones become great.

Getting their NFL starts all came differently as Channing and Fred were drafted and went to the NFL Scouting Combine while Ryan had a different path. The guys talked about the humbling experiences and also how it’s different now with so many top draft prospects choosing to not work out much like Channing and Fred were instructed to do and guys talk about the records broken at this year’s combine and guys like Jayden Daniels choosing not to participate while in Indy. Ryan reflected on how he truly learned about himself through the undrafted free agency process while Chan explains that football takes place on the field, and that if you can play, you can play, so you define your own value. 

The biggest off-season Pivot news has been Ryan being a free agent again and finally re-negotiating a new 3 year deal with ESPN, something he negotiated and represented himself independently through. Ryan opens up about the process and describes having to fight for what he believes he has earned, through his platform and how this process was much different than his first go around to now but stuck to what he envisioned at this point and came to agreement where he was able to get most of what he wants but still knows there is work to be done. 

Understanding relationships are everything, the guys turn to talking about their families, and how raising kids now is much different than when they grew up. Fred brings up the recent quote from Bradley Cooper in which he says he didn’t love his child immediately and how it was difficult in the beginning and the guys discuss being fathers and developing that instant unconditional love you would kill for. Each parent may be wired differently, but that loving instinct is what gravitates fathers and mothers to their kids. As the guys talk about this bond, Channing asks how they first talked to their children about sex and how he is handling it now as his kids are getting to an age of asking lots of questions. There’s no parenting handbook for tough topics, but finding your own approach with each child is something the guys find works for them as fathers.

Circling back to giving someone their flowers when they are here, the guys wrap up the conversation with an homage to ESPN legend Chris Mortensen who recently passed away, and Ryan shares his favorite story of Chris while talking through the strength of their relationship. 

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