Roundtable: Breaking Punk

podcast May 29, 2024

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Dusty Henry, Martin Douglas, Albina Cabrera, and Janice Headley discuss the idea of “punk” through the lens of four bands. Each of them provides a distinctive approach to punk both as a genre and as a mindset. Nirvana is named as one of the core bands of 1991, “the year punk broke.” 

Hosts: Dusty Henry and Martin Douglas
Audio producer: Roddy Nikpour
Podcast manager: Isabel Khalili
Editorial director: Larry Mizell Jr. 

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00:00: Intro
01:21: What is punk? 
05:07: The spunk (punk via Shonen Knife)
07:20: What punk means to us
13:00: The attitude (punk via The Shaggs)
16:55: The aesthetic (punk via Sex Pistols)
21:18: Origins of punk
23:08: The grit (punk via Black Flag)
27:24: Punk as DIY
31:42: Punk today
35:31: Commodification of punk
39:26: “Rollingas” vs. Punks
41:53: The time when Janice joined a work call during a street race
42:51: The time when our facilities manager, Barry, received a telepathic message from our producer, Roddy
43:31: Credits

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