Reframe Your Shame w/ Irene Rollins

June 19, 2024

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They say W.E. overcome by our testimony, but let’s be VERY forreal…It’s tough to share stories we’re still in the process of healing from. Just ask today’s guest, Irene Rollins, a pastor, recovery activist, author, speaker, marriage educator, and certified emotional intelligence coach. She explains to SJR why, like many others, she preferred to keep her story hidden. But it would be Irene’s husband who knew that exposing the truth would wake up something inside of her, and sure enough it did! You do know there’s power in your testimony, right? And that another woman’s breakthrough is connected to you opening up your mouth? Recognizing our collective need to confront unprocessed trauma, this episode explores the transition from alcohol addiction to recovery. Irene mentioned that not receiving God’s grace would cheapen His work on the cross & W.E. felt that for somebody! Learn more about how she models accountability in her book called, “Reframe Your Shame”.

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