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Quit Being The Dutiful Spouse | Ep. 261

podcast April 10, 2024

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Marriage isn’t just a series of transactions; it’s about transformations that lead to a deeper, more fulfilling love. In this eye-opening episode of the Married Into Crazy® Podcast, we dive into why you SHOULD NOT be the dutiful husband or wife. With over 27 years of wedded bliss and battles under our belts, we’re peeling back the layers on the real work of love. From surviving a near-fatal attack pre-wedding to navigating the choppy waters of divorce talks and finding our way back through coaching, prayer, and yes, even a bit of humor, we’re living proof that marriage is anything but mundane.

This isn’t your typical marriage advice. We’re sharing raw, unfiltered stories from our journey and the lessons learned about transforming love from a series of give-and-take transactions to a partnership filled with joy, growth, and mutual support. Join us as we react to wisdom from the likes of Tony Robbins, and discuss our involvement in a heartfelt book project dedicated to parents facing unimaginable loss. 

Our mission? To Raise The B.A.R. in your marriage by fostering compassion, realness, accountability, and zeal. Whether you’re a newlywed or decades in, let’s challenge the notion of dutiful roles and rediscover joy in giving, not just exchanging. 

Dive into our catalog of over 250 episodes filled with interviews, discussions, and expert insights waiting to bless your marriage. Plus, don’t miss out on our Couple to Couple Coaching and the Raise the Bar self-paced online program designed to elevate your relationship from routine to remarkable. Ready to transform your marriage? Visit to explore all the ways we can help. 

From must-have merch to life-changing coaching, we’re here to support your love story. And remember to grab your copy of “Out of Order” to support others walking a path of loss. Love, laughter, and a little bit of crazy—that’s what you’ll find here. Subscribe, join our community, and let’s grow together. Because in the end, it’s not about the transactions—it’s about the transformations. 

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“Raise The B.A.R. in your marriage”

Married Into Crazy

CHAPTERS: 0:01 – Welcome Back to Our Channel 4:29 – Introduction to Today’s Topics 4:54 – Tony Robbins: Balancing Needs in Relationships 10:31 – Essential Pre-Marriage Conversations 12:41 – Discovering Personal Happiness 16:36 – The Role of Maturity in Relationships 19:10 – The Importance of Daily Appreciation 25:30 – Announcing Upcoming Events 26:24 – Outro and Farewell

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