Quiet Storm Feat. Mary Floyd

podcast January 6, 2024

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This week on Dear Young Queen: The Podcast, your hosts Ashley Weatherspoon and Alexis Stoudemire are coming to you live from #CasaLex with a very special guest, one of Toronto’s finest, Mary Floyd.Mary, also known as MaryAnn or the enigmatic Windy Snow Blossom is a devoted mother, trusted friend, and a staunch supporter of Dear Young Queen. Mary steps out from behind the camera to take the spotlight in this engaging conversation.

In this episode, the ladies delve into the importance of supportive friends and also of showing up for yourself while challenging the timeless adage that insists, "you cannot pour from an empty cup."

Mary also lets the world in on a very little known fact, keeps it real about the cost of motherhood, and participates in a fire round of questions.  Mary also shares her honest opinions on relationship hall passes, living forever, and how to approach friends that are being cheated on. 

Tune in to discover Mary's refreshing honesty and join the conversation on the importance of authentic connections.


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