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Purpose Defined In Hindsight – David & Donnie #309

podcast December 31, 1969

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What would you do differently if you looked back on your life with the knowledge that you have today. Most people would have a list of things to change.

Would you say that you are connected with your purpose in life? Does a persons purpose change at some point? This discussion helps to point out a few perspectives on what purpose is.

Ex: Some people would say that their purpose is to be a firefighter. The many jobs they've had leading up to being a firefighter may have been different relative to one another. However, this person may be driven to make sure that everyone is safe. They love to remind people of things that will help them to avoid danger. So, maybe this person is wired for safety, helping others to be safe and a willingness to help out if someone isn't in a safe space. This inclination can show up in more places than being a firefighter.

What is the one thing that shows up in everything that you do since you were a child? Has this thing changed or has it evolved?

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