Producer & Director Vic Lagina

podcast April 7, 2024

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Vic was a producer, director, and camera operator for Brazzers/Mindgeek from 2004-2020. He produced

3792 scenes during his career for Brazzers, Mofos, Babes, Wicked, and Digital Playground and others. Live

productions featuring top stars such as Nikki Benz, Phoenix Marie, and Shyla Stylez, among several others,

were under his supervision. In 16 years, he shot over 1500 performers, at times producing or directing 25-35

scenes a month with multiple crews.

How did a nice Jewish boy from the suburbs of Philadelphia with two loving parents take the unconventional

path and help build the largest porn company in the world? Bad decisions, usually involving beautiful


He grew up an awkward kid with huge feet, big lips, crooked teeth, and was the only Jew in his class. It wasn’t

easy, so his escape was TV, music, video games, and movies. He loved movies. His mother died at the age of

44 when he was 15. It proved to be a critical time for an awkward boy becoming a man trying to forge

relationships with women. With no guidance, a string of dysfunctional relationships resulted in the decades

ahead. He almost got married and had multiple children with a pathological liar and closet drug addict. With

two miscarriages, one late term, the universe was telling him to cut the line and run.

For more information on Vic Lagina’s book, Filthy: The Rise ans (Pending) Death of Vic Lagina on and you may purchase on Amazon here


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