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Pimp C Talks The Music Industry

podcast January 4, 2022

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Pimp C Talks The Music Industry

Pimp C Talks About Radio And Playlists

This video without Pimp C is almost eerie because he was speaking in the mid 2000s but it’s relevant today.⁣

He said 2 companies controlled the radio stations.⁣

2 companies controlled the playlists on those radio stations.⁣

Because of this, it was nearly impossible for an independent artist to get on the radio anymore.⁣

When at one time that wasn’t the case.⁣

This is the same thing going on today.⁣

The major labels control the major Spotify playlists.⁣

Spotify is owned by the major labels.⁣

They have adjusted the algorithm to not help independent playlists like they helped the major playlists. ⁣

Because they want all of the attention to go to their playlists with their artists whose masters that they own.⁣

And independent artists are on the sidelines wondering how to figure it out.⁣

Playlisting still works.⁣



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