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Pick A Struggle You Narcoleptologist!

podcast September 25, 2022

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In this episode of the Everyday Black Men podcast, we are joined by longtime collaborators, the Rider and the libertarian formerly known as black. We start the podcast with Sham retelling a story about an older lady who can’t seem to mind her business. After the intro drop, we find out if a dog mom personality will save your dating prospects or repel them. In response to whether or not Riker’s early dating choices were of his own, Sham creates the titular new word. Armstead couldn’t join us, but Sham has decided he will no longer acknowledge things he doesn’t like because it seems to work so well for women. We close the podcast with Reed making an immediate rationalization for a woman who goes downtown; Sham accuses Riker of using witchcraft in his house because he used big words for age ranges, and much more before we bring the podcast to a close.

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