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Noadvisory Takes It Back To The 90’s covid-19 Homeofthe90’s Edition

podcast March 22, 2020 4

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We all have our FAVORITE era right? whether you’re an 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s baby, each era feels they had the BEST era… Welp! the squad at Noadvisory is here to inform ya that we represent the 90’s and of course the 90’s was the GOLDEN era of EVERYTHING!

Come listen and reminisce with the squad as we take ya’ll back to the 90’s at the “home of the 90’s” talking about ALL things 90’s from 90’s music, to games, to music, and sooo much more!!

We also Interviewed Ms Jessica the owner of the “House of the 90’s” whom house we recorded this show in and booooy you guys would have to come and see this house for yourself here in Charlotte N.C!!

You may have to excuse the audio on this one for this is grass-root recording and we are in quarantine, but the show MUST go on! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!! BANG!

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