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Nicole Sings “Let the Sunshine In!”

podcast May 8, 2024

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Hi hi friends. Nicole and Sasheer catch up during the week. Nicole scattered flowers in a planter hoping they would take. Sasheer also had plants that were in the back in the front but figured it was an animal. Nicole decides she will do it. Sasheer is trying to figure out what Nicole is singing. Jordan is also trying to figure out what Nicole is singing. It’s ‘Unwritten’ by Natasha Bedingfield. Nicole is convinced she sang it correctly. Sasheer acknowledges there are lot of songs about the sun and rain. Nicole remembers when she ruined The Sixth Sense for people in the theater. Sasheer and Jordan are going to watch Old based on Nicole’s recommendation. Nicole thinks she has exercise-induced asthma. Meanwhile, Judith joins the podcast later to guess what Nicole was singing. Nicole and Sasheer go on to answer your listener questions about changing bars after kissing a bartender and how to get over your first breakup.


No BuzzFeed quiz this week.  


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