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My Favorite Story… A Boutique Cigar Journey with Felix Lugo

podcast May 20, 2024

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Felix and Diana Lugo of Felix Lugo Tobacco Company, one of the most inspiring husband-and-wife teams in the tobacco industry, In this engaging interview, we dive into the Lugos' exciting and passionate journey as they make their mark with their boutique brand.

Felix shares his enthusiasm for the brand's reception, recounting a heartwarming story of how a simple gesture of giving a cigar led to unexpected connections and recognition at a show. Diana's role in ensuring the smooth operation of the business complements Felix's passion for farming, marketing, and sales, as they both talk about their love for storytelling and connecting with people through their products. They also emphasize the importance of relationships in the industry.

The Lugos' story is one of dedication, quality, and personal touch, showcasing how their combined strengths and genuine personalities resonate with their audience. As they share their experiences and hopes for the future, it's clear that Felix Lugo Tobacco is not just about creating great cigars but also about building a legacy and fostering community within the industry.

Don't miss out on this insightful conversation that reveals the behind-the-scenes of launching and nurturing a tobacco brand, the power of personal connections, and the promising future of Felix and Diana Lugo in the world of cigars.

Episode Content

0:00     Intro

0:37     Introduction of Felix and Diana Lugo of Felix Lugo Tobacco Company

01:07  Roles of Husband and Wife in the Business Operations

01:48  San Andres Tobacco 

02:02   Best Pair of San Andres Tobacco

02:38   Felix Vision for His Cigars

03:10   Who is Felix Lugo and What is Felix Lugo Tobacco Company

04:50   A Team-up to Develop the Company and their Products

05:51   Felix Lugo and His Best Team

06:18   The Product Pricing as a Strategy

06:52    Business Mentors

07:57    Felix Lugo Tobacco Company x Success

08:22   To Pass the Business to the Family’s Next Generation

09:46   To Continue the Quality of Cigars

10:31   Cigars: Key to Relationships

10:37   Question and Answer

12:33   Outro

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