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MSF Podcast 45: Beyond the Screen – Exploring Parasocial Relationships in the Digital Age

podcast March 4, 2024

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In the fourth year of our podcasting journey, we delve into the fascinating realm of parasocial relationships and their profound growth amidst the pandemic and the rise of social media. Join Keyoncé as they explore the complexities of these one-sided connections, examining their evolution, pitfalls, and societal implications. From celebrities to content creators, Keyoncé dissects the dynamics of parasocial bonds and their influence on our perceptions, behaviors, and communities.
Episode Highlights:

Introduction: We kick off our discussion by introducing the concept of parasocial relationships and their relevance in our interconnected world.
Defining Parasocial Relationships: Drawing from psychology, we define parasocial relationships and explore their manifestation in various contexts.
The Pitfalls of Parasocial Relationships: Through personal anecdotes and observations, we uncover the challenges and consequences of blurred boundaries in parasocial interactions.
Women and Parasocial Relationships: We examine the unique pressures and experiences faced by women in navigating parasocial connections, shedding light on the emotional labor involved.
Types of Parasocial Relationships: From celebrity worship to media personalities, we break down the different forms of parasocial bonds prevalent in contemporary society.
Manifest Functions in Late-Stage Capitalism: Exploring the economic and ideological underpinnings of parasocial relationships, we unveil their role in perpetuating consumerism and exploitation.
Beyoncé and Political Affiliations: Using Beyoncé as a case study, we unravel the complexities of celebrity influence and the realities behind projected images.
Tips for Healthy Engagement with Social Media: Offering practical strategies, we empower listeners to establish healthy boundaries and cultivate authentic connections in the digital landscape.

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