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Motivation Moment – The Power of Video

podcast January 8, 2024

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It’s Monday and that means it’s time for a #MotivationMoment!

You’d never believe what a few simple items can do. Back in the early days of television, shows were often sponsored by household brands to push product. Hence that catchy nickname for the genre that stuck.

Fast forward years later. I was hustling hard just to get by, working a day job in the service industry. But I had an idea, a creative way to break in to my dream field.

I pulled together a micro-budget and small but ambitious team. We had barely enough resources to get the ball rolling. But we made that modest capital work magic through sheer will and imagination.

Soon I saw we could create the perception of scale from practically thin air. I leveraged relationships to get our limited items viewed by tons of eyeballs.

Before I even realized, everyone thought I was a huge success with an empire underneath me. I became an overnight name in my industry.

The power of video and visuals made it possible. Today anyone can tap into that with just a smartphone and authentic stories. Production polish isn’t needed – just truth and transparency.

I won’t spoil my full origin journey here. Let’s just say a few simple items, an ambitious team, tireless hustle and the power of video changed everything. Years later people still can’t believe what we pulled off. Stay tuned for the improbable story soon!


Host: Daymond John


Producers: Beau Dozier & Shanelle Collins; Ted Kingsbery, Chauncey Bell, & Taryn Loftus


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